An Act of Conjuration (Preview)

Note: rest assured, work is underway on this deck, just moving slowly while I'm serving a three year term as manager at my day job. I'm taking my time to make sure I'm happy with the direction of this deck and comfortable with its energy, and of course, when time and life allows. I've found the tarot is something I have to feel in my bones, not simply a box to check off when creating. I sincerely apologize for the wait, I promise to make it worth it!

An Act of Conjuration is a new deck by the same artist as the Darkness of Light Tarot.

While the Darkness of Light Tarot is Rider-Waite-Smith based, and a solid deck for beginners through advanced readers alike, An Act of Conjuration will be geared towards experienced readers and pull from a deep well of astrology, elementalism, archetypal imagery, history, and esotericism.

Thematically, it will be based on early American witchcraft during the 17th Century, and will weave mysticism, history, and period era imagery into a rich tapestry of power, told through the tradition of the tarot.

The cards completed so far can be found below: