The Darkness of Light Tarot is a fully illustrated tarot card deck developed by artist and designer Tony DiMauro. It consists of 78 traditional and digitally painted cards, designed for historical significance, divination, and collectibility.

Deck Concept

The Darkness of Light Tarot is a treatise on the balance found in all things in the universe: the darkest paths we walk there can still be found light, and in the lightest hearts there is still found darkness. This is to be human, and to be a part of the great design of all things.

The deck strives to paint an honest portrait of nature: it doesn't shy away from dark themes but instead embraces them, weaving both darkness and light together to tell the story of the Fool's journey.

The Darkness of Light Tarot aligns with the Wheel of the Year, with each suit corresponding to a particular season. Blades correspond with Winter, Wands with Spring, Cups with Summer, and Coins with Autumn. Each suit was painted in its designated season, with the Major Arcana being the first and last cards to be created. The goal is to create a sense of time that flows throughout the deck.



Tarot Card Production

Cards are printed on industry standard 350gsm cardstock at standard Tarot Card size: 2.75" x 4.75" (60mm x 120mm), using a professional offset press. Each deck is shipped with a cotton drawstring bag emboldened with a hand-printed double headed wolf icon.

The deck box is printed on ultra sturdy stock, with a matte finishing to reinforce the construction. Easily open the deck by sliding a kitchen knife (or other rigid object) under the top lid and gently pulling upwards, thereby releasing the side tabs.

A guidebook is in the works, but won't be included in the initial offering. A free, digital version is scheduled to be released late fall, 2017. The deck will be distributed and billed by Wavelength Laboratory, LLC, a company created and run by the artist for publishing and distribution purposes.



About the Artist

Tony DiMauro works as a professor of graphic design, freelance illustrator, interactive media designer and gallery artist from his home near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

He has created work for clients including Rolling Stone Magazine, Playboy Magazine, Chicago Magazine, The New York Times, Capcom, and Square Enix, among others. His work has appeared in internationally released video games and periodicals, as well as juried publications such as Communication Arts, American Illustration, 3x3 Magazine, and the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators. Tony has exhibited work in a variety of galleries such as Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles, and the Mark Miller Gallery in New York City.

Tony completed his graduate work in illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York City and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. His 20's were spent working in a design agency in the city that never sleeps.

The first eight pieces from the Darkness of Light Tarot premiered at Tell Them Stories: Origins group exhibition in New York City, October, 2015.

XIV Death was awarded an honorable mention in the 2016 3x3 Illustration International Pro Show.

The Darkness of Light Tarot represents an opportunity for the artist to create work he feels connected to, and contribute to the extremely supportive Neo-Pagan community he feels at home with. tonydimauro.com



Thank You!

A special thank you to Lydia Gschosmann in Edinburgh, UK, who has graciously allowed me to use her brilliant photography as reference for my paintings.

Thank you to Sierra Selene for a beautiful collaboration. If anyone needs photography work in the esoteric realm, please reach out to Sierra.

Thank you to Rachel Quinlan for modeling, and for an absolutely fantastic Tarot reading. If anyone is in need of a professional reading, I highly recommend Rachel.

 Thank you to Milly for sleeping next to me while I work and making me take breaks from painting to go outside. You're the best dog creature ever!

And finally, thank you to everyone who stuck with me and supported me. By far, this has been the most challenging and rewarding project I have ever had the pleasure of working on. I hope you enjoy using these cards as much as I enjoyed making them! I hope that it brings you the same spiritual experience that I felt while creating them!

I am in your debt.


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