Q. Why are there different editions of the Darkness of Light Tarot?
A. Each version of the Darkness of Light Tarot aims to improve the look and feel of the cards over the previous version. From card design to hand feel, from card stock to color palette, each detail is carefully considered and adjusted as necessary to continually improve the final product. The current edition being sold is the 4th Edition

Q. What is the difference between the 3rd and 4th edition?
A. The 4th edition offers some updates in design and production quality over the 3rd edition. Specifically, it features a linen textured 330GSM black core card stock with an air pocket for easier shuffling and more durable cards, a modified card back, a re-designed easy to open deck box in flat, scratch resistant black matte, and the same artwork and card face design found in the third edition, but with a return to the black bordered design.

Q. Why doesn't my deck have shrink wrap, or appears as if its been opened?
A. As-Is decks are generally removed from shrink wrap. All other official Darkness of Light Tarot cards should arrive in their original shrink wrap packaging along with a hand signed seal and certificate of authenticity.

Q. Where can I find the guidebook? Is there a digital guidebook?

A. There is a printed guidebook available for purchase as a standalone item on the PURCHASE page. As far as a digital copy, there once was a digital guidebook available for download before the official printed version was released, but since then, the digital version has been greatly expanded, polished, and entirely replaced by the printed version, which is much more complete in its information and offering.

Q. What happens if my order arrives damaged, isn't what I ordered or doesn't arrive?

A. Unfortunately for whatever reason, sometimes these things happen. You can reach the studio at darknesstarot@gmail.com, and I'll work with you directly to find a solution!

Q. I'd like to order something but its out of stock!?
A. I work as quickly as I can to replace the signed decks, so check back often to make sure new stock hasn't arrived. Your best bet is to email me and I'll add you to the waiting list so you'll be notified first once they become available.

Q. How long does it take for an order to ship?
A. Most orders will ship within 24-48 hours unless there is a problem, in which case I try to contact the buyer to notify them. The package is shipped via USPS. Now and then I get swamped at my day job or there are a backlog of orders to ship, but I'll always get to them. Feel free to email if your order didn't ship yet and I'll look into things for you.

Q. What does the Darkness of Light Tarot deck contain?

A. 78 cards featuring custom illustrations by the artist, which are thematically based on the Universal (Rider Waite) Tarot, plus an additional insert card. You'll also receive a cotton deck storage bag with your order, and a small thank you note with recommendations on how to best shuffle the deck to avoid damage, and a hand signed seal and certificate of authenticity.

Q. What if I'd like to purchase an original painting or something else not listed on the site?

A. Just email darknesstarot@gmail.com. I'd be glad to help however I can.

Q. Are there any other upcoming products from your studio?

A. Always! But I like to keep people guessing! ;)

Q. I find the cards inspiring and would like to collaborate.

A. Cool! Email me at darknesstarot@gmail.com!

Q. How often will the information on this website change?

A. Whenever there is a significant adjustment to the product or new collaborations, sponsors, products, news or events to announce, I'll update the website.