The Darkness of Light tarot by artist and designer, Tony DiMauro, expands on traditional tarot narrative through stark, dramatic images in a contemporary illustrative style. Inspired by nature, each image has been extensively researched to excel in usability, divination, and aesthetics.


COMING SPRING 2018: Darkness of Light Tarot, Second Edition

Bigger images, vivid colors, revised box, various reworked artwork, revised translations, and stiffer/more durable cards.

Coming soon!

This is a deck with artwork that calls to my soul. It feels good to look at the images, no matter what cards I draw. I love this deck with a passion... it is without a doubt one of the greats.

-Kiki, bohemianess.com

An Infinite Cycle...

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The Darkness of Light Deluxe Edition will feature a limited edition HAND MADE deck box created from reclaimed wood, black sea salt in a reclosable cork vial, tourmaline, quartz, a signed copy of the deck, and a cotton drawstring deck bag.

I LOVE IT!! It's GORGEOUS! (Better looking in real life than on a monitor) and it reads beautifully. I'm very pleased with the purchase and I use it often, and I will tell others who are looking for a darker looking deck about it.

-Eric, darkness customer

Featured Video: Unboxing with Samantha's Keys

Samantha's Keys gives a wonderful overview of the Darkness of Light Tarot Deck and shows off some of the artwork in her latest YouTube unboxing video. Watch to learn more.

Check out the rest of Samantha's channel at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLZn5p6tBks

It is such an incredible deck, both in beauty and readability. It is officially one of my favorites (and I own hundreds of decks!)

-Kiki, bohemianess.com

Featured Video: Unboxing Deluxe Edition with Ethony Dawn

Ethony presents a wonderful unboxing video of the Deluxe version of the Darkness of Light Tarot.

To check out more of Ethony's videos, visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=K33Ry2Aaajw

This deck is just something else! It's so beautiful. I love it.

-Ethony, ethony.com