The Darkness of Light Tarot Card Deck by artist and designer, Tony DiMauro, expands on traditional narrative through stark, dramatic images in a contemporary illustrative style. Inspired by nature, each image has been extensively researched to excel in usability, divination, and aesthetics.

This is a deck with artwork that calls to my soul. It feels good to look at the images, no matter what cards I draw. I love this deck with a passion... it is without a doubt one of the greats.

-Kiki, bohemianess.com

An Infinite Cycle...

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The Darkness of Light Deluxe Edition will feature a limited edition HAND MADE deck box created from reclaimed wood, black sea salt in a reclosable cork vial, tourmaline, quartz, a signed copy of the deck, and a cotton drawstring deck bag.

It is such an incredible deck, both in beauty and readability. It is officially one of my favorites (and I own hundreds of decks!)

-Kiki, bohemianess.com