I've been hearing from good customers there are fake copies of the Darkness of Light Tarot on the internet. Please be aware that the current (4th Edition) is out of stock. We will have more in stock this summer, but at the current moment, I urge you not to purchased from a non-trusted source!


Thank you all for reaching out and inquiring about reprints! After a long delay with shipping, I have finally received the next batch of cards from the printer!

I'm finalizing a way to create a seal of authenticity to prevent fake decks, and will be announcing sales soon. As always, thank you for your patience, we'll back in touch soon to kick things off for the year as soon as possible (this message posted July 13, 2022)


An Infinite Cycle...

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This deck is just something else! It's so beautiful. I love it.


This is a deck with artwork that calls to my soul. It feels good to look at the images, no matter what cards I draw. I love this deck with a passion... it is without a doubt one of the greats.


I LOVE IT!! It's GORGEOUS! (Better looking in real life than on a monitor) and it reads beautifully. I'm very pleased with the purchase and I use it often, and I will tell others who are looking for a darker looking deck about it.

-Eric, customer

It is such an incredible deck, both in beauty and readability. It is officially one of my favorites (and I own hundreds of decks!)


The deck has arrived!!! It is gorgeous and the book is very insightful to the artwork! I cannot thank you enough for your very kind attention to my request and order!

-Death's Mistress, customer

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